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Waterfront Condos – Why Norfolk Condos Are a Good Buy For Military Members

Waterfront Condos – Why Norfolk Condos Are a Good Buy For Military Members

If you are one of the one and a half million active duty military personnel, chances are you are used to be being moved around quite a bit. This can impose a heavy toll on your finances due to moving costs, fees for breaking rental agreements, lost security deposits on utilities, and other expenditures. Some condominiums, specifically in Norfolk, Virginia, have developed ownership plans for military members that cater to their financial status and probability of being relocated in the near future.

Norfolk, Virginia, home to the largest naval base in the world and a hub for military relocations, is familiar to many enlisted men and women as a place that they may have to live in for some time before their next assignment. Many of these young men and women are newly married or are looking to live with friends in the service, but most are reluctant to be confined to the strict quarters of base life. Venturing outside of the confines of the military bases, members of the military may choose to prospect various rental properties in the Norfolk area. Little do they know that renting is often a poor choice for military personnel that are unsure about the timeframe they will be stationed in Norfolk or Virginia Beach.

Renting for military men and women poses a couple different problems. First, most rental agreements are set-up for one year leases, which could be alright for those men and women that have a guaranteed timeframe for their assignment. But, for those serving an unspecified amount of time in the area, this could leave them with a hefty penalty to pay if they have to move and break their lease. Secondly, most of the apartment communities in the area that “cater” to military personnel are nothing more than reduced-price, low amenity, decrepit apartments, often breeding grounds for crime and civil unrest.

To combat the problem with renting these inadequate and costly apartments or houses, the Norfolk condominium community has stepped up to make waterfront condos in Norfolk an affordable living choice for members of the military. By offering a special financing plan for enlisted military men and women, it is easy for them to own a beautiful waterfront condo in Virginia Beach.

These condos are now giving military personnel the option to sell back their condo to the original owner at full price if they are reassigned within three years of purchasing the condo. This gives the military buyer a great opportunity to own a luxury condo in Norfolk without worrying about losing their investment if they are reassigned. With amenities like a private storage area, personal parking spots, optional boat slips, and waterfront views, it is obvious that living in a condo is a far better choice than renting a run-down apartment.

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