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Singapore Maid Problems – How to Deal with Them

Singapore Maid Problems – How to Deal with Them

Singapore maid problems – you probably have them when you employ a maid in Singapore via a Singapore maid services agency.

As a side-note, please note that Singapore maids are also known as Singapore domestic helpers, au pair, foreign domestic workers, caregivers, “ah-mahs”, or nannies. Some even take them as Singapore babysitters! The more experienced maids are generally known as Singapore transfer maids.

Herein lies the paradox in Singapore maid employment: you are frustrated when you don’t have a maid, and you are just as frustrated when you have a maid.

Many Singapore maid problems stem from miscommunication or misunderstanding. This is especially so if your Singapore domestic helper is weak in English (more so for Indonesian maids than Filipino maids) or has difficulty in understanding what you want her to do. This can happen for both new or Singapore transfer maids.

Maid problems may also stem from a character flaw in the maid or an attitude problem with the girl. This is despite your efforts in screening the Singapore maid or having a professional Singapore maid services agency shortlist the girl.

In Singapore maid employment, the maid may also have a change of heart about working with you, for whatever reasons. However, she doesn’t know what to say to you, and as such, she goes on to “spoil the show”, so to speak, so that you will fire her. In that case, you are the one who doesn’t want her, and not the other way round.

Singapore maid problems can also arise from the Singapore maid getting sick or worse, getting pregnant. Some of them may even run away for whatever reasons. The list can go on and on.

So, how can you deal with these problems? Quite frankly, I don’t have the perfect solution. However, here are a few points for your consideration. They are philosophical, and it is okay if you don’t agree with them.

Let’s start off with a simple understanding about life and draw a parallel with Singapore maid employment.

In an office environment, there are employees who are good in their work, and there are those who aren’t. There are yet others who always knock off on time, or simply cannot follow instructions. To make matters worse, there are back stabbing and office politics.

Sometimes, despite the headhunters’ best effort and your thorough interviews and cross checking, the best candidate for vice president just doesn’t work out.

To take it even further, sometimes, the children quarrel or the spouse may have an affair somewhere. And finally, no matter what happens, we will all die one day…

Face it – life is like that. Things happen. Events happen. Singapore maid problems happen. It doesn’t just happen to you, it happens to many others as well. As long as you are alive, you sometimes have problems! Only the dead has no problem!

Does this understanding help with your Singapore maid problems? I hope it does. If you put your Singapore domestic helper problem in the right perspective vis-à-vis the other events in your life, it really is not a problem. But, if you make your Singapore maid problem the focal point of your life, then you have a problem.

Generally, one would become frustrated when a Singapore maid problem arises. This is especially the case if the maid cannot understand what you want her to do or if she is unable to follow your instructions.

Now, when that happens, watch your frustration or anger. See how you are feeling angry or frustrated, and have that under control. Bear in mind that in Singapore, the maids are protected from both physical and psychological abuse. So, don’t let your anger get you into trouble.

Let me share with you my simple problem solving methods. It works for all problems and there are only 3 simple solutions. One, solve the problem. Two, allow the problem to be. And three, get out of the problem.

Let me illustrate my point. Let’s say that your Singapore maid is unable to understand your instructions. One, solve the problem: teach her English, send her for a course, get her a dictionary, etc. Two, allow the problem to be: just live with it. Three, get out of the problem: change the Singapore maid.

So, there really is nothing to be angry or frustrated about. You either solve the problem, allow the problem to be, or get out of the problem.

Here’s a secret from a Zen master: “I don’t mind what happens.” The key word here is “mind”. The more you think about the Singapore domestic helper not doing her job, the angrier you become. The angrier you become, the more you want to unleash your anger on someone. At this stage, you may really do something wrong… so watch your emotion, and be in control. And stop thinking about being angry. Take a few deep breaths, and be still… and calm like the silent lake…

In addition, don’t go screaming at the Singapore maid agency or your Singapore maid or Singapore au pair, or even your children. If you do that, you may just sour your relationship with them, and this is the last thing you want. If you must, part ways amicably so that there are no hard feelings. Life is too short for harboring any ill feelings, don’t you think so?

Singapore maid problems? No problem – if you don’t “mind” what happens…