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Rust Inhibitive Paint & Coatings

Rust Inhibitive Paint & Coatings

Anyone who owns a car knows that rust is a bad thing. In addition to decreasing the value of your car, it also weakens its structural integrity, curb appeal and desirability. When you see a spot of rust on your car, or if you purchase an older car to restore that has rust already forming, you want to stop it before it spreads.

Contrary to popular belief, and with the right products, repairing rust is straight forward and anyone can do it. Top Secret Coatings makes it easy – and permanent!

There are a number of ways to get rid of rust, whether it be on your car, your outdoor furniture, or other metal surfaces. The most important part of rust restoration is killing the rust. TS 5679 Phos-Pro by Top Secret Coatings actually converts on a chemical level making it inert ad ready to paint. All you have to do is wipe it on, let it do its work, brush it off with a wire brush and you have converted or killed the rust. It is important to recognize that both sides of the panel you are repairing must be treated with Phos-Pro or the rust will return from the untreated side.

Depending on the degree of rusts damaging effects you may want to cut out the rust and replace the area with new metal. By replacing the metal you should solve the rust problem, but then you have a panel patch to conceal so rust conversion is your best option. This product (TS 5679 Phos-Pro) needs to be kept wet while it works on the rust and that can take an hour or two.

While Phos-Pro is a valuable part of Top Secret’s rust treatment system, it is just the first step. Phos-Pro is best when used in combination with TS 695 Rynolite Etching Cleaner, TS 664 Etching Primer and TS 100 1 Part Epoxy. These products have been designed to work together to stop rust in its tracks and keep it from returning.

While top coats other than TS 100 1 Part Epoxy, such as urethanes and lacquers, may be used with Phos-Pro, Rynolite and TS 664 Etching Primer TS 100 1 Part Epoxy has been specifically formulated as an anti-rust protective top coat and it excels in this application, which is untrue of typical lacquers and urethanes.

TS 100 1 Part Epoxy is available in over 200 popular colors. Additionally, it is easier to use, has more clarity, depth, gloss and levels better than competing products. It is also far more economical to use. TS 100 1 Part Epoxy is available in quarts, gallon and five gallon containers.

If you’re serious about stopping rust, you’ll want to give Top Secret’s rust preventative system a try. It’s fast, it’s easy and it stops rust completely and permanently.