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Making the Switch to a Card Entry System

Making the Switch to a Card Entry System

As a commercial business, dealing with keys can often be a messy affair. Keys can be easily duplicated, not tell you anything about who or when a person is entering, and it can be difficult to determine who has one and what they’re using it for. Moreover, if employees leave a company, locks often have to be changed. If they aren’t, your assets can be made vulnerable. Why go through all that hassle? While retina scanners and fingerprint readers are still too expensive to be used by a majority of companies, a card entry system is a viable option. Card entry systems are much preferred by many professional industries. The benefits of switching to this kind of security system are major and include:

– Risk reduction – With a card entry system you can limit the times and the people who have access to your assets. Unauthorized persons have no way of gaining entry into your space.

– Sense of security: visitors are prohibited from certain areas. This gives employees more tranquility at work, because there are fewer distractions and disruptions.

– Keep track of employees: Card systems allow you to know where employees are, when. In case of an emergency, you can easily count employees because you know where everyone is.

– Identification, etc: Using card systems, you can easily identify all aspects of an employee’s background, such as telephone number, social security number and any other relevant information.

– Restrictions: Allowing access to certain employees at certain times can prove to be a valuable ability, especially if there are unauthorized areas of your building.

– Temporary Employees: If you allow cleaners to have access to your building after hours, you can easily program them entry according to a specific schedule.

– Automation: Card entry systems can be programmed to lock according to business hours. This ensures efficiency by preventing patrons from accessing your building when they aren’t supposed to, and it obviates the presence of an expensive security guard. Your air conditioning system can also be programmed to work according to a card based schedule.

– Turnstiles: Card systems are perfect for allowing one person access at a time, preventing employees trailing one another.

– Real Time: You can view everything occur as it happens. A benefit of this is that you can see how much time is being spent where, and also view attendance records for different areas. This is especially helpful in an apartment complex where attendance records for the pool, fitness areas, and spas are important to maintenance.

The overall result is a combination of efficiency and safety. If you want to make the switch to a card entry system, call a commercial locksmith today. One of your local locksmiths has the capability to move your system of entry from the traditional lock and key system to a more efficient card entry system. To make your business feel safer and more secure, don’t delay in calling a commercial locksmith.