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Maids: What Are the Standard Services Maids Must Do?

Maids: What Are the Standard Services Maids Must Do?

Those who hire maids once-off, weekly, bi-weekly and or monthly must know what is included in the amount they pay. As it is well-known that there’s a lot of abuse in this industry, a maid is not able to do everything in a day. If the helper is given a lot of work to do, it is clear that it won’t be done well because she will be rushing things through.

What are the standard services to be covered?

•Dust the entire home including furniture and blinds:
Dusting the house is very important for the health of the family. A house is said to be clean when it is free of dust.

•Scrub baths, showers, sinks and taps:
It takes a good amount of time to scrub especially when the house has not been cleaned in a long time. It also takes a lot of energy to do the job properly. For this to be done well, proper cleaning detergents must be supplied.

•Clean kitchen and bathroom counters:
Cleaning these two places is very important because there are the most visited areas in the house. It is required that things be packed neatly to be able to enjoy the space.

•Clean outside of all appliances:
I have mentioned cleaning outside of appliances only because a maid cannot have enough time to clean the inside if she has to do all this work in a day. The inside of the microwave can be wiped since it doesn’t take a lot of time to do that. All appliances must be handled with care when cleaning them. Watch against using the wrong chemicals which can corrode the surface.

•Change bed and bathroom linen if needed:
You the owner of the house must instruct the helper on what to do. It is not automatic that she should change the linen even when you don’t say so.

•Polish furniture, clean mirrors and wipe down television:
All these are done easily without having to use too much energy. When the whole house is clean and the furniture or mirrors are not wiped, it will show. This is why hiring a well-trained maid is vital.

•Wipe windowsills, doors and door frames:
I have seen helpers who don’t have a clue of what cleaning is all about. The reason you hire a maid is to be your eyes where you can’t see. Therefore, a maid should be able to check all every corner in the house.

•Collect and put out the rubbish:
Make sure that the rubbish is not in the house. Everything must be clean at this point.

•Vacuum the entire home and wash bathroom and kitchen floors:
With this, the house is clean. There are many other services but these are the ones to worry about.

All the above services have just opened your eyes to what cleaning really is. Many additional ones can be added as you progress each week.