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Light Fixtures Need Attention Too!

Light Fixtures Need Attention Too!

Light fixtures are a detail that should not be overlooked. If you are decorating a new home or redecorating your current home, you should pay special attention to the types of light fixtures you choose because they play a large part in the personality of the room.

Light fixtures can basically be divided into two types. There is general lighting and accent lighting. General lighting is exactly what it sounds like. It provides the main source of light for an area or room. Accent lighting is used for more specific purposes, such as a picture light to highlight a work of art, wall sconces to illuminate a hall, or a simple reading lamp to brighten a dark corner.

General Lighting

For your general lighting you should look carefully at what the room will be used for. In a kitchen, you will want bright lighting overhead so that you will be able to see while you are pureeing, chopping, and slicing. There are many more options today than there used to be and fluorescent light fixtures can be a great solution for the kitchen. It’s bright and energy efficient and now comes in not only the traditional long tubes with the stark lighting found in offices and stores, but in warmer colors and compact shapes to mimic incandescent bulbs.

In the dining room, traditional choices for light fixtures usually involve chandeliers or something similar. On the market today are great ceiling fan lighting options as well as amazingly creative track lighting that can spread the light around and give the room a warm glow.

Track lighting is also a popular light fixture choice in bathrooms. Placed over the mirror, these light fixtures give even light across the space.

Bedrooms often have overhead lights and/or ceiling fans. For kid’s rooms, there are many fixtures in fun colors and styles to suit their personality and the theme of the room. Light fixtures in the Master bedroom will tend to be more subdued.

Common areas such as the living room, family room, or den do well with lighting that is adjustable or that has a dimming feature. This way you can have low light for activities like watching T.V. or relaxing, or a brighter light for reading or doing work with your hands like sewing. You can even get a wall dimmer switch for these light fixtures.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is sometimes an afterthought for homeowners. As they see a need, they add a light. When you find the perfect spot for the rocker or recliner where you plan to read the newspaper or a favorite novel, you can choose light fixtures that fit in that spot. It should not be too bright, but it should be focused on the area you will need it most.

Picture lighting can be accomplished with overhead, side or underneath lighting. Lighting that clips to the frame used to be a popular choice but types of light fixtures can actually damage the picture with heat. You should also take care to choose bulbs that do not produce UV rays as these are also damaging to paintings or photographs.

Another place you might want to consider accent lighting is in the kitchen, such as over the sink, the stove or the cutting board This way, if you are limiting your activity to one area of the kitchen, you can have focused light where you need it.

The lighting you choose for your home is just as important as the paint color, the carpeting, or any other feature. It highlights all of the features you want to bring out, and it can shadow those you want to minimize.