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How to Make Effective Use of Visual Merchandise Technologies

How to Make Effective Use of Visual Merchandise Technologies

Visual merchandising is the art of displaying merchandise in a manner that is appealing to the eyes. As the saying goes “First impressions last”, this is also true in the world of merchandising display.

Visual merchandisers use season based displays to introduce new products arrival to customers. The arrival of summer, winter, holiday seasons such as Christmas, Easter and other special events are displayed on season based displays systematically and stock related to those seasons are displayed during those periods to increase conversions.

By using creative visual displays, the core strategy of visual merchandising, you make a positive, long lasting, visual connection with potential buyers of your product. For example, retail stores display discounted products or those advertised as buy one; get one free. Displays can also be used to promote products that are overstocked.

Why is Technology Good For Merchandise Display?

Visual merchandising display technologies attract attention, stimulate customer’s senses and provide a wonderful shopping experience resulting in return purchases and customer loyalty.

The following are the most widely used merchandise technologies:

• Planogram Software

The planogram is a visual diagram or drawing that provides visual merchandisers with details of the location of every product to be displayed in a retail store. These schematics not only present a flow chart for the particular merchandise departments within a store layout but also instruct on the specific aisle and shelf an item is to be displayed.

• LED Lighting

Light quality is vital for a retail store. LED lighting ensures products are seen in their actual colors and quality. LED lighting is not solely known for their energy saving and appealing ambiance but they also creates a warm welcoming atmosphere.

• Window Displays

Used to display merchandise for sale in the store, window displays show potential customers items that are on sale inside the shop in a bid to attract customers and entice them to enter the store.

The Benefits:

The following are the benefits that a retailer can gain from using visual merchandise technologies:

• Makes inventory work much easy.
• Provides information on product location and quantity
• Tells what should be stocked and the sizes/colors that works best for particular shelf.
• Encourages customers to buy and help them to be sold on your products.

LED Lighting Technology:
• LED lighting is digitally programmed to produce the exact color light required in each area.
• This gives the products a more emotional appeal to shoppers enhancing the freshness and glow.
• It consumes less energy than fluorescent lighting.
• It can be focused exactly where it is needed and in the right color; enabling more sophisticated lighting set up.
• Help retail businesses that are hinged on creating a harmonious mood with decor and lighting.

Window Displays
Below are tips for creating a good merchandise window display:
• Create a simple but effective window display; less is more.
• Ensure the products stand out.
• Use good lighting to highlight products.
• Arrange merchandise in a pyramid form or stack them.
• Make creative use of mannequins.
• Tell a story with your display.
• The theme of the display needs to be clear to the customer.
• Use visual effects to make the display more attractive.
• Use display monitors and other window display technologies to enhance your display.