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How Does Color Affect the Resale Value of Your RV?

How Does Color Affect the Resale Value of Your RV?

Think back to when you bought your motor home. What was it that caught your attention in the first place? The outward appearance of the vehicle, right? Specifically, the color of the rig. Well, you’ll be surprised to know that color plays a huge role in our buying decisions. It communicates what you think about yourself as well as your life. So, now that you plan to sell your RV, you should take into account how the color of your vehicle affects its resale value. A simple paint job not only gives your motor home a fresh, new appearance, but it can serve to inspire buyers to buy your vehicle.

Which Colors Work?

Depending on the color of your RV, the resale value can go either up or down. According to the Kelley Blue Book, 50 percent of all new automobiles are black, white, or silver. That’s a whopping figure and one that clearly indicates the prevalent trend among buyers to choose a neutral shade instead of experimenting with an unconventional one.

Not only do the neutral color options impart a classier look to a motor home, but they also add to the aesthetic value of the vehicle in comparison to the more unconventional picks like lemon yellow or bright red. If you wish to find buyers immediately for your vehicle, then you should stick to the classics like silver, white, or gray. Apart from their obvious cosmetic appeal, these colors are functional too, showing fewer dents and dings, scratches, and dirt. A study also indicates that white vehicles are part of fewer accidents, even though the results are debatable.

Pay Attention to Trends

Just because traditional colors are “in” now, it doesn’t mean that they will be popular forever. So, think about the kind of buyer you wish to target. Do you wish to draw the interest of baby boomers who are prone to play it safe with RV color or do you want to appeal to the sensibilities of the millennial crowd who have become the primary RV buyers and are not afraid to experiment?

Keep in mind, however, that if you own a special or limited edition RV, then it is best to keep the original color intact. The resale value may go down if you paint over the existing shade.

Plus, if you are interested in selling a more theft-proof RV, then you should color your vehicle a bright shade of yellow or pink. Why? Because, according to Edmund, thieves often target more mainstream colors. Resale value is a big reason for them, and a bright color works as well as any security device in deterring them. The bright appearance of your vehicle could, therefore, become its USP.

You Don’t Always Have to Play It Safe

The next time you’re traveling or have parked at an RV campground, take a look around. What are the colors you see? Most of them are painted a “reliable” shade of black, white, chrome, and silver. In fact, it often becomes difficult to differentiate between two similarly painted motor homes. That’s why some market segments are open to other color options. Dark green and dark red work well, for instance, at providing a welcome break from the visual monotony without deviating too much from the standard choices.

The color of your motor home matters more than you think. If you’re planning to sell your RV now, you need to have your finger on the pulse of your target audience and decide which color is going to draw more buyers. You cannot deny that visual appeal affects the purchase decision of consumers, and it might be worth spending some money to get your vehicle repainted if it means attracting more buyers and gaining an edge over the competition.