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Handy Tricks to Make a Small Penis Look Bigger

Handy Tricks to Make a Small Penis Look Bigger

Penis size has long been a target of male angst. Men the world over look at the next guy and wonder if he’s bigger, and they will do almost anything to enhance their penis size, hoping they will one day be the largest in the room. But a small penis is not a true penis problem – it’s something that gives a man the opportunity to learn more about other ways to please a woman, and that can be a huge bonus to both partners. In addition to excellent penis care to keep his equipment looking top-notch, a guy who is truly worried about his penis size can try these tricks to make a small penis look bigger.

1) Pay attention to manscaping. When the penis is engulfed in a wealth of pubic hair, it will naturally look much smaller than it really is. By manscaping the hair back a bit or shaving it off altogether, there is nothing to obscure the proud manhood, and that can make it look much larger.

2) Lose some weight. Speaking of engulfing the penis, that’s possible when it comes to excess skin, too. When a man gains weight, he usually puts on some around the penis, in an area known as a fat pad. This fat builds up and overtakes the base of the penis, making it appear that the penis is actually smaller. By losing weight, a guy can gain back quite a bit of that loss, allowing his penis to stand forth in all its glory.

3) Consider those tan lines. If a man has a dark tan everywhere but the midsection, that changes the eye’s perception of what it looks like. The areas that are of lighter color seem to be a bit smaller than they would otherwise, thanks to this trick of the light. So if a man has a heavy tan, he might want to consider a bit of a tan on the nether regions as well, to get rid of that tan line. On the other hand, a man with very fair skin might want to avoid getting a tan at all costs, so that his skin tone stays the same all over his body.

4) Use the right condoms. A man can’t go wrong with condoms that make a small penis look much bigger. This can be achieved with condoms that are of a light color, such as yellow or white, as they will make the member stand out much more than a dark-colored condom. He can also go for a condom with studs, ridges or other pleasure textures, as this also adds a bit of heft to the look.

5) Warm things up. Before getting frisky, a man can excuse himself to the bathroom and use a very warm washcloth as a compress on the penis and surrounding area. This encourages more blood flow and opens up the vessels, which makes the penis appear larger at first glance. And of course, a man knows how important the first glance from a partner can be!

No matter a man’s size, attention to good penis care is the surefire way to keep a penis looking good. This can be achieved with a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin), applied daily as a careful overall penis care routine. Look for a crème that contains vitamin E and Shea butter for hydration, thus preventing the dry skin that can make a penis look tired and worn. Also look for a crème with vitamin A, as this vitamin is known to fight against penis odor – and penis problems like odor can ruin a fun evening, no matter a man’s size. Finally, a guy should look for a crème with a good combination of antioxidants, nutrients and amino acids, all of which enhance blood flow and promote better penis health.