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Getting Your Home Summer Ready

Getting Your Home Summer Ready

After a long dreary winter, it is time to welcome summers with open arms and cheerful spirit. And summers as we all know is a time to lighten up – your wardrobe, furnishings, home décor, and bring in the freshness of outside world into your homes to best enjoy the season. Here are few tips to beat the heat this summer and make your home summer ready this season.

Add and Remove

Decorating your home according to season is easier if you are focussed and know what to keep, what to throw away and what to stow away for next year. Put away all the heavy furniture, woollen carpets, rugs or anything that were giving a warm feeling to your home and bring out all the durries, soft cotton rugs in floral prints and sheer curtains in whites, pastel shades like baby pinks, powder blues as you get your home ready for the summers.

Cushions, curtains charisma

Put away all the dark coloured, heavy fabric cushions and curtains. Instead bring out the lacy trims, sheers, and soft cottons in shades of fresh fruits like watermelon, musk melon, mangoes, or in fresh floral prints to bring in summer freshness to your home décor. Take down the heavy curtains and go for cotton curtains available in hues like fresh lemon, green apple, watermelon red, candyfloss pinks to get into the spirit of summer this season.

Summer means going light on your wardrobe, your food and similarly on your home décor. So stow away all the heavy furniture if you can and instead bring out the light weight cane furniture. If stowing away is not possible then use cushions in summer shades to get your home summer ready this season.

Think citrus think summer

As you go easy on furniture and bring out your cane furniture or even light weight wrought iron furniture, don’t forget to add colour to the furniture by using cushions of various sizes and shapes. Colours of the citrus fruits are summery – so go for shades of oranges, lemons to not only add colour to your décor but also to give it a warm summery feel.

Various shades and hues of reds, blues, and greens not only will add colour to your home but will also bring in the cheer with their different variants. Similarly go for light weight summer curtains in shades like citrus lemon, or grass green. Want to bring the clear skies of the summer in your home? Then go for curtains in shades like powder blue or, sky blue in flowing fabrics. Lace, trims, and sheer are the order of the season. So go ahead, splurge, and indulge.

Think Fresh think summer

Summer is the season of freshness everywhere. Fragrance of fresh flowers, fresh blades of grass erupting from earth is a sight to enjoy and summer is also the season to bring all this freshness into your homes and your lives as well. So throw open the doors and windows and let the dampness of the cold, chilly winters be a thing of the past and let the fresh air flow through your home to give it a summery fragrance. Bring in fresh plants and flowers in your home and line them either in the hallway or in the drawing room. In case you can not find fresh flowers then go for cushions, curtains, bedspreads in big, bold floral prints to bring the freshness of the summer in your home.

Think colour think summer

Are you the arty type? If yes, then let your creative juices flow with some paints, ceramic vases, and pots this season. Use vibrant summer colours like red, blue, white, lemon, and green to create your own flower vase and pots and keep fresh flowers in them. Your home will be ready to welcome summer with all its fresh fragrance of summers. If art is not your cup of tea, fret not! As markets are filled with colourful ceramic vases and pots that will add colour to your home.

Since summer is the season when water becomes an essential ingredient to keep heat at bay, so use it in your décor. Markets are filled with artificial fountains in various shapes, sizes, and colours to cut down the heat and welcome summer this season. You can also add summer shades by changing the colours of your furnishings and making them summer friendly.

Playing with nature

Summer is the time when you can bring outside freshness in your home. So take out the wicker baskets and fill it with fresh flowers randomly cut from your garden and keep it either on the dining table or on the coffee table. It will not only add colour to your home but will also lend freshness to it. If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry. You can add your touch and bring the nature inside your home by painting your furniture or your walls in shades of summer.

Bring in the fresh fragrant of summer by keeping dry flower arrangements where anybody who enters your home gets a whiff. You can also go for khus sheets instead of curtains to ward off the heat.

With these décor tips you will be ready to welcome the summer.