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Decorating Your Concrete Overlay

Decorating Your Concrete Overlay

No matter your residential area needs, concrete companies can provide concrete resurfacing, overlay options, or coatings to meet your needs. Companies can apply various products and methods to create a home of which you can be proud without the added cost. Residential areas are full of concrete surfaces in pool decks, patios, walkways, front entryways, sidewalks, basement floors, garage floors, sunrooms, and driveways.

Using concrete resurfacing, overlay options, or coatings from companies will enhance the surfaces your home already enjoys, and can enhance newly constructed surfaces as well. For areas such as garage floors which house your cars, toys, bikes, and often work materials, epoxy floor coatings are great residential decorative resurfacing solutions. Applied to the garage floors, this product protects the concrete, with aesthetically pleasing colors such as orange, yellow, grey, and blue, all of which protect against high vehicle traffic stains, chemicals, and dust.

For the exterior of your home, pools and pool decks often need sealing, resurfacing, or perhaps an original coating. With concrete resurfacing, overlay options, or coatings, companies offer an inexpensive means of rectifying issues such as cracks, chips, slippery decks, or uneven decks. Newly laid pool decks or old pool decks can be revived through stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, epoxy rock, salt finishes, or stencils and patterns.

Patios, sunrooms, or any exterior rooms can always benefit from concrete resurfacing, overlay options, or coatings. Items such as Sundek spray texture can resurface any area with a concrete coating. The coating can be just the classic effect or it can include the aggregate effect, scoreline effect, or even the masonry effect. The color palette includes Cumberland, terra cotta, coral, bone white, pewter gray, brandy wine, smoke gray, brick red, tweed gray, Mojave desert, slate blue, Franciscan tan, sable, mission tan, oyster white, as well as Peking blue.

For other decorate concrete resurfacing, front entryways, basement floors, driveways, walkways, and garage floors can benefit from stamped overlay effects, concrete resurfacing, concrete overlay options, or concrete coatings. These overlays can be attuned to match your interior or exterior décor. The process adds ¼ inch of thickness and can be combined with stencils, mats, or stains, the colors of which include coral reef, antique moss, golden harvest, café latte, midnight, amazon palm, sienna rust, and dark chocolate.

With concrete companies using acid stain you can enhance the concrete already present by adding a translucent and variegated shade of coloring. The colors for acid stains include palm green, café mocha, camel, old English ivy, sun-baked adobe, gold rush, aqua mist, desert sunset, midnight café, and Santa Fe red. So whether you are resurfacing a pool deck, repairing, coating, restoring concrete, repair concrete, or adding concrete toppings, the possibilities for residential decorative concrete resurfacing are endless.