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Check This Guide to Compare Local Home Cleaning Services

Check This Guide to Compare Local Home Cleaning Services

Everyone loves a clean and well-maintained home. Sadly, most of us have a tight schedule, with no time beyond work and other commitments. It’s not surprising to find numerous home cleaning services around. These professional companies can do all the required jobs, right from cleaning the carpets, removing cobwebs and to scrubbing and mopping the floor.

Of course, choosing a service can be a little tricky. In this post, we will try to understand what it takes to find a reliable service for home cleaning, along with things that need maximum attention.

Make a list of services

Comparing home cleaning services is relevant and pertinent, so you have to find at least four to five actual names. The most natural idea is to ask around. Talk to people around you who use such services, including friends and neighbors.

If you are new to a city and don’t have that option, you can check online. Most websites have listings of local companies and portals with relevant information.

Start asking relevant questions

As a client, you have every right to know everything about the concerned service. Below are some of the questions with answers that you should expect:

1. Are you licensed?

This is a must. You don’t want to deal with companies that have no legit license for operations.

2. Are you insured?

If a company says no, stay away. Workplace mishaps are pretty standard, and you don’t want to deal with petty thefts and damages later.

3. Do you have in-house employees?

A company should have its team of maids and cleaners. Day laborers are cheap and don’t have much experience in the job they are assigned.

4. Will you offer an estimate?

In most cases, you will get a positive reply, but make sure that the estimate includes everything, including the cost of supplies.

5. Do you have an office?

Companies are supposed to have a real address. In case you have to file a complaint or need something else, you should know where to go.

6. What’s your pricing strategy?

Some may charge a fixed price for every room, which isn’t a bad deal, but ideally, the company will send their estimators to check your home for the final quote.

7. What’s the extent of your support?

This can include a lot of things, including phone, email, and live chat. Make sure that the company is responsive and doesn’t take more than a day to respond to your emails.

8. Do you have a guarantee on your services?

Let’s say you are unhappy with the cleaning work. What’s next? Either the company should initiate a refund, or they must redo the work.

9. Can you change the schedule?

You might need to change an appointment for cleaning owing to other commitments, and the concerned service should entertain such requests.

Finally, take your time to evaluate if a service has good reviews online, especially on third party sites.