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Are Muscles Stronger Than Bones?

Are Muscles Stronger Than Bones?

You have approximately 206 bones that support your body. Your bones were made to be strong and light with the center being stronger than the end parts. As your body grows, so does your bones. Muscles surround your bones and give them support. Your bones and muscles work hand in hand so you can walk, bend, reach out for things, run dance and even sleep.

Calcium in Your Bones

The process of osteoclast melts old bones and osteoblast produce new bones. If the cells do not work well together, your bones will become brittle. You will then develop osteoporosis. Your bones have a large supply of calcium. As you get older, the supply of calcium is decreasing. The decrease in calcium consumption reduces the density of your bones.

Your Muscle Mechanism

You have more than 650 muscles in your body. Your muscle makes up more than half of your body’s weight. Your muscles weigh more than your bones. The coordination between your skeletal muscles, bones and joints allow your body to move smoothly and swiftly. Tendons attach muscles to your bones.

Stronger Muscles Create Stronger Bones

If you have strong muscles, it necessarily follows that you have strong bones. If you regularly exercise, you strengthen your muscles and the bones where these muscles are connected. As you age your muscle strength will decline. If you exercise, you will be able to strengthen your muscles and consequently strengthen your bones.

Along with exercise, proper nutrition will keep your muscles and bones healthy. Your bones and skeletal muscles work hand in hand. The nutrients you take in and the activities you engage in affect both your bones and muscles.

Vitamin D and calcium are the most important nutrients your bones and muscles need to be healthy. You can get your calcium supply from dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and food and juices fortified with calcium. Vitamin D on the other hand aids your body in calcium absorption. Vitamin D enhances he strength of your muscles and prevents them from weakening. Healthily exposing yourself to sunlight makes your body produce Vitamin D. Getting at least 15 minutes of sunlight each day will make your body produce the Vitamin D you need.

Throughout your lifetime, you build and rebuild your muscles. Your bone mass (muscle) however peaks when you are around 20 years old. As you get older, your bones and muscles will tend to deteriorate. Eating food that concentrates on wellness during childhood, will assure you of healthy bones and muscles through your life. It is more important for women to have healthy bones and muscles than men. This is so because as women age, they lose more bone mass. Women too have more risk of developing osteoporosis.